Sunday, October 25, 2009

Christmas Wish List

As someone who loves all things baking, I have quite a few kitchen-related things on my Christmas list. Or anytime list, for that matter. :) Here are a few things I've had my eye on for quite some time.

First off, any of these would be amazing. Here is a little collab I put together of the "bigger" things I'd want the most, but I would definitely enjoy any of the pink KitchenAid items. A couple of things to note: I already own the measuring cups/spoons (thanks Brooke!!) and I already have an awesome apron (thanks Alissa & Brooke!) Also, all of these things are way cheaper on the Target website. Of course if I could have anything in the whole world, it would be the pink KitchenAid artisan stand mixer with all the attachments, but it's pretty darn expensive so I don't have high expectations on actually getting it. If you really want to surprise me, though....... :)

Click image for a bigger look. All prices are prices.
As I said before, they are a lot cheaper at

Here are a couple of other things I've been wanting for a while now.

This is obviously very expensive, but I've heard you can get a good sized piece of marble from a tile place and put those grippers on the bottom and wha-la, your very own (much cheaper!) version! So if anyone knows any good tile/countertop places with some good sized scraps...

Another cheap thing (if anyone knows anyone who's getting rid of a bunch or just has a ton sitting around that they'd like to get off their hands) is mason jars. All shapes and sizes. I have a few and use them all the time--for storage, food, iced coffee, etc. The possibilities are endless.

I've seen this at Target a few times and had to really stop myself from buying it! I've never seen a pink one before and I've always wanted a French Press!

Also from Target, one of the few types of pots/pans that I don't have are stockpots. I've always wished I had some but somehow gotten by using something else instead.

Another thing I'd like to have. I've seen this in the store, but I'm not sure if it's the same one or not. I definitely like the one in the store though. Not sure how much I'd use it, but I have found a ton of recipes that go by weight instead of cup/tsp/tbsp and instead of tossing them out, I'd like to give them a go. Plus, Alton says it's the only way to measure!! :)

I would definitely love these. And get rid of all my cheap pots and pans that were like $20 for a huge set at Target. Plus, they're pink. :) They have this set in the stores, too.

Cookbook-wise, I have a running list on the right side of my blog. I realllly want Alton's new one. It's the first of a three-piece set he's doing and it goes through every episode from Seasons 1-6 (the 2nd book will do Seasons 7-12, the 3rd 13-current, I'm assuming.) and talks about each episode, giving behind the scenes info and a recipe or two from each. I browsed through it at Barnes & Noble one day and it looks awesome. It's expensive though, which is why I haven't bought it yet! I also think The Pioneer Woman's would be awesome to have. I've made a ton of her recipes and they're all great!

Okay, I'm finished typing for now. Hope you all enjoyed. There may just be a part two in the near future... :)

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