Friday, February 20, 2009

Sugar Cookies

I bought some new "toys" the other day so since it's Friday (and my day off!), I decided to try them out! I bought the Wilton 101 piece cookie cutter set from Wal-mart, and their 18-piece cake decorating set. I had a total blast. I can't remember for the life of me where I got the recipe I used, but it's titled "No Fail Sugar Cookies." I ended up halving the recipe because I didn't have enough flour for the whole thing. Also, I didn't have enough ingredients to make any of the icings I looked up (can you tell I need to go to the store???) so I just used a can of store-bought I already had and colored it three different colors. Green, pink, and a darker pink. My boyfriend, Matt, loves the lesser-known super hero The Green Lantern, so I decided to make him a few with the Green Lantern symbol on them. I spiced a couple of those up with some pink, which he didn't really appreciate. :) For the others, I just pulled out some random cookie cutters and had fun coming up with ways to decorate them. Enjoy!

The naked cookies.

The Green (Pink) Lantern

Love. My first try at lettering.

More hearts, plus M & A for Matthew & Ashlee.

Pink cowboy boots!!


Some randoms. A heart I forgot when I was doing all the others, a "ruff" looking dog, and a LOST plane! :)

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