Sunday, September 20, 2009

French Toast & Bacon Cupcakes

The second thing I made for our friend's cookout were these cupcakes. He is a HUGE fan of anything bacon so when I found these, I knew without a doubt that they were the perfect thing to bring. I loved the french toast concept, but I was a little scared about how they would taste with the bacon. I'm not going to lie--they were pretty awesome. If you're ever looking for a weird, conversation-piece food item to bring to a party, bring these. They were SUCH a hit. Everyone loved them. Seriously--I didn't hear a single bad thing about these cupcakes-and I expected to hear a LOT! I mean, bacon? In a cupcake?? But trust me, it works. And the bacon on top just adds to a cute presentation. I found the recipe here. Enjoy! :)

Without Icing (See the bacon chunks??)

With Icing

The insides :)

THIS is how good they were! :) He's going to kill me for this picture. Haha!

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