Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Few More Things...

I was just browsing the Anthropologie kitchen section and came across a couple of cute and not-as-expensive-as-a-$200-dress things I would l.o.v.e. to have so I just thought I'd share. All images are linked!

Aren't these the cutest aprons?? They have tons and even though I already have a really cute apron (thanks Alissa!!) I think I may start collecting them just so I can have all of these too!! I love that cute black and white one!! (middle bottom)

How cute is this ceramic egg crate!?!?! It's too pretty to use for eggs, so I would use it as a jewelry organizer just like Sherry over at Young House Love. (See it in action here!) And it's really not all that expensive if you ask me.

I'm loving this Blackbird Pie Vent. If you've seen Alton Brown's Apple Pie episode (start watching around 6:00. This is the second half of the episode, but watch this part so you see what I mean), you know this is the only way to bake a pie! :) I've actually never seen these out-and-about so I was super excited to see it on here--and it's only $8!

I love, love, love their selection of measuring cups/spoons! They are all sooo cute and amazing! You would never know these were measuring spoons until you looked closely. (Each picture is linked so you can zoom in and see up close where the measurements are marked--so cute!)

I feel like if I get all this awesome kitchen stuff I'll definitely need this towel! :) I love how the words are stacks of dishes--click on the link to zoom in and see for yourself! Thankfully, I have an amazing boyfriend who more-times-than-not takes care of all the dishes, even when I bake! :)

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ruth said...

hey ash! they have lots of patterns for aprons very similar to that one that you like. i made one much like it that is brown and pink:) you should come see me at christmas time when you come to visit (hint, hint)! i MISS you!